10 PACK Waterproof Natural Mosquito Insects Repellent Bracelet Bug Bands


✅ NEW POTENT NATURAL MOSQUITO BANDS - Never get itchy bites again! Our new effective formula contains plant-based herbs such as lemongrass, geraniol oil, citronella, and eucalyptus citriodora. The blend of these natural ingredients are potent for warding off bugs and mosquitoes that carry diseases like ZIKA. Don't get lured by cheap rip offs you get at the supermarket. Our insect repellent bracelets are the best mosquito protection while enjoying the outdoors
✅ ENJOY A DAY OF WARMER WEATHER - If you live near the woods or really close to the river, you know how bad mosquitoes can get. Our all-natural ingredient mosquito bands are scientifically proven to protect you from mozzies and midges. Don't be quite tasty to these flying pests and shield yourself with unbeatable solid protection to enjoy the outdoors
✅ AVOID DEET AND OTHER CHEMICALS - Kids can safely wear these bracelets without the rashes and reactions that DEET products cause. Our bands are flexible and come in multi colors so you can wear them around your wrist or ankle without compromising comfort
✅ SUPER LONG LASTING PROTECTION - These insect bands are developed with double coil for maximum strength and they're infused with insect repellent compounds that are 10X stronger than other bracelets on the market to keep you protected. Each bracelet lasts around 250 hours All 10 together provide around 2500 hours of unconditional protection. They're waterproof and stylish to wear all day long
✅ STYLISH AND COMFORTABLE TO WEAR ALL DAY LONG - One size fits all. Our bracelets are flexible and stretchable to wear on wrists, ankles and more. The pack contains vibrant colors that you can match with your outfit. Slip them on while you go on a camping adventure, backyard BBQ, hiking, running, cycling, concert, indoors, and any outdoor recreational activities where bugs are a concern

What's included:

10 Packs  Band