1000PCS Thank You Stickers Round Label Stickers for Business Wedding Gift

  • PREMIUM QUALITY: Soft touch, easy peel and stick from the roll. strong adhesive for each label to last long on any surface.
  • SUITABLE FOR ANY OCCASION: Floral thank you stickers are perfect for Baby showers , wedding, graduation, business and bride to be events.
  • A GREAT WAY TO THANK ANY CUSTOMER: A “Thank You” goes a long way in establishing a business brand and growing your customer relationships! Leave a lasting impression on your customers with “Thank You” stickers on your merchandise bags, packaging boxes, gifts, envelopes and receipts
  • Easy to use: you firstly peel off the sticker from the roll and then paste it on smooth and clean surface, press it firmly with your hands or other tools, convenient to use, also easily to remove it without leaving obvious marks, good choice as sealed stickers or holiday decoration


Thank you-8 Designs
Thank you for Support My Small Business-9 Design

What's included:

1000 Pcs Decor Sticker