12Pcs/Set Makeup Brush Set Beauty Makeup Tools


Product Category: Makeup Brush
Quantity: 12Pcs / Set
Hair material: Man-made fibers
Brush handle specifications: Long pole
Makeup brush length: 16cm / 6.3inch

Set Contains:
#1 Powder Brush
#2 Large Angled Contour Brush
#3 Foundation Brush
#4 Large Eyeshadow Brush
#5 Small Concealer Brush
#6 Eye Lash Brush
#7 Brow&Lash Brush
#8 Smokey Liner Brush
#9 Lip brush
#10 Small Contour Brush
#11 Angled Liner Brush
#12 Fan Brush

【Maintenance Tips】

★ Use a special make-up brush cleaner cleaning, wash with a towel to dry water;

★ The makeup bristles fixed into the ideal shape, flat and cool place dry;

★ Do not blow dry with a hair dryer to prevent pulling and pruning make-up bristles, or put it under the sun, otherwise it may hurt the material;

★ If a little hair removal phenomenon as normal, will not affect the makeup brush work;

★ If used every day, it is recommended to maintain once every three weeks.

【How to choose makeup brush】

★ Brush the best choice of natural hair quality, because the natural brush texture soft, flexible, and skin contact feel very comfortable, and easy to stick powder, natural color. Synthetic brush is relatively smooth, but not easy to brush evenly.

★ Bristles should be soft and smooth, tight and full of easy to fall off, the handle should also be easy to use.

★ Pick the brush, you can feel the flexibility of the hand, but also brush directly on the desktop, good quality bristles will be a circular distribution and no gap.

★ Will brush in the back of the hand back and forth sweep several times, there is no bristles off is the top grade.

★ Identify the authenticity of the brush is to blow the machine's hot air blowing to the bristles, to maintain the original for the animal hair, hair into a curled shape is man-made fibers.

How to clean makeup brush

★ Can choose a special brush cleaning agent for cleaning, gently rub, and then rinse with cold water.

★ Absolutely do not reverse hair cleaning.

★ After cleaning, with a tissue or cotton gently press the bristles, so that the rapid discharge of water, remember not to twist the bristles, resulting in its structure loose or even hair removal.

★ Control dry water, the makeup brush hanging up, so that the bristles down naturally dry. Do not use the hair dryer blowing or sun exposure, so as not to hurt the material.

How to store makeup brush

★ Most make-up brand will be equipped with the corresponding cosmetic bag, can also be based on the number and specifications to buy their own. Usually a small cosmetic bag suitable for storing short handle brush or travel brush, more commonly used; large is suitable for storage of professional makeup brush.

★ Do not brush the best brush head up in the makeup cartridge. Long handle brush easy to use, but inconvenient to carry, may wish to buy a small size according to the size of the cosmetic bag

1, Size problem: the size of the measurement due to personal use of different methods, there may be 1-3cm error, please understand.

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