15 Pcs Professional Stainless Steel Nail Clipper Travel & Grooming Kit Nail Tools Manicure & Pedicure Set

  • A care set of three functions must meet what you need,include hand care,facial care,foot care.
  • A new generation of black polishing anti-skid technology,upscale and mysterious,sharpness upgrade again.
  • All the tools are made of top quality black steel,never rusts,extreme hardness.
  • Aesthetic packaging design,the case is made of high quality fabric and PU leather, stylish and elegant,a perfect gift.
  • Perfect combination of exterior and quality.

☆Color: Red, Yellow
☆Product Dimensions: 15.5 * 10.5 * 2CM
☆Product Size: About 6.1*3.7*0.7 inch
☆Product Weight: 300g
☆Material: Premium stainless steel manicure set + synthetic leather case
☆Leather Case: PU

What's included:

☆Hand Care
☆2 * Nail Clippers: Trim finger nails
☆1 * Large Nail Clipper: Trim hard and thick toenails
☆1 * Cuticle Nipper: Trim cuticles
☆1 * Nail File: Make nails rounded,smooth
☆1 * Nail Cleaning Knife: Cleaning dirt in nails
☆1 * Cuspidal/Obtuse push-type broach: trim nail keratin and remove scrape nail polish
☆Facial Care
☆1 * Dead Skin Fork: Trim suface,agnail,callus,dead skin,etc
☆1 * Tweezer: pluck eyebrow and ingrown hairs
☆1 * Scissors: trim eyebrow
☆1 * Ear Pick: Ear cleaning
☆1 * Acne needle:Blackhead/Acne removing
☆Foot Care
☆1 * Flat Callus Remover: Cleaning deak skin on foot
☆1 * Olique Callus Remover: Cleaning deak skin on foot
☆1 * Zigzag Callus Remover: Cleaning deak skin on foot