16-68MM Adjustable Screw Disassemble Large Bathroom Spanner Wrench

High Quality Adjustable Wrench: The use of high-quality aluminium alloy forging, ratchet type wide mouth, without damage to decorative sanitary ware, nut configuration of aluminium alloy products.
Adjustable Spanner: Lightweight aluminium alloy manufacture, short handle large opening design, convenient and narrow space work.
Crescent Wrench: The wrench jaws are flat and the maximum possible protection is done without loss. Precision worm, adjust the opening smooth, improve work efficiency.
LONGER JAW DESIGN: The jaw and nut contact surface is more wide, clamping strong, reliable, not easy to slip.
Spud Wrench Range of Use: The spanner suitable for sanitary ware, washbasin, tube nut disassembly.
Mounting: Suitable for dismounting and installing the sanitary ware, pipe nut and so on.
It doesn't damage the ornamental pipe and nut, such as gold-plated, copper, etc.

Colour: Silver
Total length: 200mm
Adjustable open volume: 16 - 68mm
Material: Aluminium Alloy
Application scope: sanitary ware, washbasin, pipe screw disassembly and disassembly

What's included:
1* Bathroom Spanner Wrench