4/8/12/16PCS Rug Grippers Carpet Mat Non Slip Pad


Rugs help your home look more inviting and beautiful however they can cause be unsightly when folded at the edges, make cleaning a pain and potentially cause harmful slips and trips. Ruggies is a great way to prevent such accidents by holding the corners of rugs and mats in place making your home safer.

Ruggies are the new rug grippers which have been featured on television infomercials in the US and Canada which work to secure your rug in place where you want it without having to use any adhesive or glue. It also makes your home environment safer if you have children running around protecting them from slipping on carpets. Ruggies is easy to use since you just peel and stick one on each corner of rug and press firmly to the floor as it grips all four corners and holds it into place.


What makes this rug gripper so effective is the Tacky Grip Polymer Technology which is what grips the rug in place. The Tacky Polymer Technology works like hundreds of suction pockets that grips the floor so securely that you can vacuum without the rug moving as you pass over it. Ruggies is better than using glues or adhesives because you don’t have to worry about any sticky residue left behind.

Ruggies are very easy to use since you just push them to the bottom of each four corners of the rug and then to the floor and your rugs or mats will no longer slide or move on the floor. It works on both tiled, wood and linoleum floors.

How It Works:

  • Place Ruggies around the edges or corners of any rug.
  • Tacky grip polymer technology grips the rug & hundreds of suction pockets grip the floor.
  • Ruggies grip without glue. Easy to remove, wash & reuse.


  • 4 x RuggiesTM grip so rugs don’t slip.
  • Prevent curled corners, bunches, slips & trips.
  • Press & stick on hard flooring & even carpeting.
  • Tacky Grip Polymer Technology grips the rug, while hundreds of suction pockets grip the floor.
  • Reusable – just wash with soap and water.
  • Won’t leave a sticky residue or damage your floor.
What's included:
4/8/12/16 * Rug Non Slip Pad