2 Pack Crashproof Silicone Door Handle Cover Door Knob Protector

  • Function: 1)Protects Children’s heads from injury 2)Protects adult’s waist and hips from injury 3)Anti-Static – so no more electric shocks
  • Features: 1)Environmentally Safe: Made of food grade silicone. So safe and Non-Toxic. 2)Anti-static and Easy to Clean 3)Thicker design provides more protection 4)Revolutionary front opening installation avoids tearing during install of covers
  • Application: Has a rounded internal structure that is suitable for most handles


1. Multi-function door handle cover to prevent the baby from hurting the head, preventing the waist from being damaged when doing housework, preventing static damage.
2. The streamlined shape with a rounded grip, straight, curved door handles can be used.
3. The front section has a small opening design to prevent tearing caused by excessive force during installation.
4. Thickened design, no need to worry about damaging the tile, no need to punch.
5. Silicone material, anti-static in autumn and winter, resistant to dirt and easy to clean.


Product material: Silicone

Size: 15*3.4*5cm/5.9*1.3*1.9in

Color: Green,Gray

What's included:

2 * Door Handle Cover