10 Pack Folding Travel Hangers



  • NNOVATIVE FOLDING DESIGN: These unique hangers have a 2-section folding design that makes them very compact for easy storing, but also allows you to change their size according to your needs. Fold them once for baby clothes, undergarments.
  • PERFECT FOR TRAVELERS: The collapsible hangers were specially designed for travelers that want to stay organized and tidy wherever they go. The hangers are very lightweight and their folding design makes them very compact so you can save space in your suitcase.
  • PREMIUM QUALITY: The travel hangers are made with the finest quality PP material that is absolutely safe, and incredibly strong for best results. The foldable hangers have aluminum alloy rivets that are rust and corrosion resistant for unique durability.
  • SMOOTH AND SAFE: No need to worry about the folded hanger hurting you or damaging your clothes. The travel hangers have smooth rounded edges for maximum safety and for preventing any scratching and damage.

Size:As Picture Show

What's included:
4 * Blue Hangers
2 * Pink Hangers
2 *Green Hangers
2 * Beige Hangers