20 PCS Luminous Simulation Ceramic Tile Line Stickers Waterproof Wall Stickers



  • This self-adhesive paper is a fluorescent sticker that can emit light at night. It absorbs light during the day and emits light at night. The light-emitting can last about 3 hours.
  • This self-adhesive sticker is a new high-end 3D sticker launched. It is suitable for decoration and protection of floor/kitchen/wall and other places.
  • The self-adhesive sticker, as long as a simple paste, can make the wall more beautiful, simple European pattern, showing the luxurious style. Let the room have its own style and warmth.
  • Sticker will be coated with a shield film on the surface, which is effective in waterproof, oil-proof and moisture-proof, and can be used to clean up dirt with wet cloth.

Product Material: PVC
Product size: 80x80mm/3.15x3.15"
Scope of application: glass and bathroom in family, hotel, dining room, kitchen, guesthouse, bank, etc.

Operational instructions:
1. Clean the floor and wall surfaces to be pasted, and deal with the places with more dust around the corner.
2. Spray a large amount of foam water in a watering pot. (can be replaced by wet towels. Foam water is made from clean water or detergent or laundry detergent).
3. Remove the sticker base paper and adjust the position of the sticker to stick it. Use hanging board to gently scrape all water and bubbles from inside to outside.
4. Cut off the spare parts with a knife blade. Easy to use.

What's included:

20 * Wall Stickers