20 Shining LED Balloons Birthday Wedding Balloons for Party Decor Club


Whether birthday, wedding, exam or just life - there is always something to celebrate. And even more fun parties when the decoration is top.
Streamers, balloons and fairy lights are all well and good, but somehow pretty boring too. That''s why we have a very special party decoration for you now.
No more stink-normal balloons, here comes the souped-up version: LED balloons.
The balloons are provided with a small closure.
If you remove it by simply pulling it out, an LED light will start to burn inside the balloon.
Now you can simply inflate the balloon and decorate your garden or party room with it to your heart''s content.
To ensure that your decoration will withstand even the most exuberant of celebrations, the small lamps burn for an extra long 8-10 hours.
Condition: new
​20 pieces of brightly lit balloons
With a long luminosity, at least 8-10 hours full light duration, including batteries.
Filled with air or helium, Pull pen & LED starts to light
Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.
Very easy to use, just pull the pull pin, inflate, knot in and ready.
The balloons can be filled with either balloon gas or air.
Color choices: White, Blue, Green, Red, Yellow

What's included :
20x Balloons