21/25Pcs Sensory Fidget Toys Set Stress Relief Anti-Anxiety


【Simple but effective】 reduce stress and anxiety. Relaxation therapy can help children and adults with high levels of stress or anxiety by channeling energy to increase focus and keep the hands silent. It is perfect as a decompression toy for special needs.
【Easy to care for】 When cleaning, simply rinse in the sink or wash with clothes, just air dry.
【Funny pasta rope】stretch, pull, twist and wrap them in whatever shape you like and then bounce back to their original shape, a great fidget toy.
【Glowing ball】stick to the wall, wait for it to fall slowly, grab it and continue to throw it on the wall. When you are confused, throwing the ball to the ceiling will help you relax
【Lightweight and portable】amazing gifts that are very portable and can be played anywhere, e.g. in the library, in schools, classrooms, offices, in the car, bus or plane. Because of their small size, these are great travel toys that fit in small pockets, purses, and pocket compartments. In addition, they can be used as party favors or as party activities, and can also be used as a prize or incentive.

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What's included:
21/25PCS Sensory Fidget Toys(As your choice)