21” Ukulele Soprano Ukulele Hawaiian Guitar

  • Small size & easy to carry - 21 x 7.1 x 2.2 inches.Equipped with metal geared tuners and 18 silver nickel frets, this upgraded ukulele increases the stability of tune but also provides more play ability for all levels. With multiple colors for option.
  • Traditional Nylon Strings - selected for softer feel. Simply unpack, no assembly required. It may be out of tune fast at first because of new strings. Please don’t worry, tune it up repeatedly and it will work fine soon.
  • Durable ABS plastic construction - Non-toxic finishes and child safe materials complete this fantastic product. Water-resistant Glossy Finish, easy to clean.
  • Durable ABS plastic construction - This beginner ukulele is made of non-toxic finishes and child safe materials. Water-resistant glossy finish, easy to clean.

Size: 21 inch
String Material: Nylon Strings
Body Material: ABS Plastic
Gear Heads: Metal
Number of Frets: 15
Color: Black, Pink, White, Blue, Yellow

About Tuning Ukulele

Are you finding your new ukulele always out of tune though you tune it again and again?
Actually, it’s common for nylon strings since they are new and haven’t adapted to the stretching of tension. Therefore, it’s a little difficult for a new ukulele to hold its tune at the beginning. Please don’t worry, here are concrete steps for you to settle down a new ukulele.

Step 1, tune each string as close to pitch as possible. Starting from top to bottom, finally the order of notes should respectively be GCEA.
Step 2, pull along the entire string carefully with two hands. Also be careful not to pull too hard on each string while stretching to avoid damage.
Step 3 , repeat the previous process of tuning and stretching until each string stays in tune gradually.
Step 4, play your ukulele as frequently as possible. It may take a few days or even few weeks before they settle down. Please be patient, since once that happens, you could play your ukulele at any time!

Note: To protect the strings from damage during shipping, all of them are in loose state. Please be patient to tune it before playing.

What's included:

1 * Ukulele