238Pcs Foam Magnetic Letters Alphabet Letters Board With Storage Box

  • ABUNDANT MAGNETIC LETTER SET : The sturdy storage box contains red and blue 234 letters, including 52 uppercase letters and 182 lowercase letters; 4 punctuation marks, including 2 question marks and 2 exclamation marks; double-sided magnetic writing board × 1 (11.3 * 7.9 inches); whiteboard pen × 1; eraser × 1. This set of magnetic letters fully satisfies the spelling needs of all common words and sentences. Very useful for teaching phonics and CVC or CCVC words
  • QUALITY AND SAFETY MATERIALS : All of our letters are made of non-toxic, environmentally-friendly EVA foam with a full-cover magnet on the back that can be attached to our magnetic drawing boards or even refrigerators and dishwashers. The texture is very soft and won't break or fall off. It is suitable for children‘s hands
  • PRACTICAL TEACHING TOOLS : First-class double-sided magnetic writing boards not only attract letters, but also can be written and drawn down. It is easy to erase and reuse, and is a great tool for learning and entertainment. With magnetic letters and boards, learning to spell for children has never been easier to learn!
  • IMMACULATE STORAGE DETAILS : Each box has a corresponding uppercase and lowercase letter label that allows kids to learn to distinguish and classify. Red vowels and blue consonants make it easy for children to learn pronunciation and grammar. The different sizes of uppercase and lowercase letters make it easy for children and adults to recognize the difference between the two!
  • ACCOMPANYING CHILDREN'S LEARNING : Suitable for children from 4 to 12 years, parents or teachers should accompany children to play together. With this magnetic letter kit, it is convenient for teaching and entertainment, whether at home, home-school, Pre-K, kindergarten, elementary school

What's included:

52* Uppercase Letters
156*Lowercase Letters
4 * Punctuation Marks (2 question marks , 2 exclamation marks) 1*Double-sided Magnetic Writing Board (11.3 * 7.9 inches)
1 *Whiteboard Pen
1 *Eraser