2L Hydration Bladder Bag Cycling Water Bag

  • Large opening for easy cleaning Inner surfaces easily accessible for easy cleaning and drying. For cold water, ADD ICE CUBES directly from a scoop or refrigerator ice dispenser.
  • Durable and soft anti-microbial mouthpiece for wholesome and effortless sipping. Easy to bite with 90-degree turn mouthpiece. Easily accessible shutoff valve.
  • Premium quality neoprene tube cover resists temperature changes in hot and cold weathers. THERMAL TAPE at each end prevents insulation from sliding and wearing off. QUICK-RELEASE TUBE can be detached for easy storing. AUTO-SHUTOFF VALVE prevents leaking when tube is detached.
  •  100% odorless, tasteless,BPA- Free material.

Stay Hydrated when you are Camping, Hiking, Biking, or Hunting 
~ Do you want to have water without stopping your activity?
~ Are you looking for a hygienic bladder that is easy to clean and dry? 
~ Are you tired of low quality water bags that are leaky or leave an aftertaste? 
Introducing: Aquatic Way Hydration Bladder -- Keeping You Hydrated While You Are Active! 

- Food-grade BPA-Free and FDA Approved materials that are extremely resistant to mold and microbes
- Leak-proof experience with premium quality TPU material and leak-proof sealing technology 

Large Opening 
- Easy to clean and dry using the large opening that provides access to inner surfaces 
- Enjoy cold water by easily adding ice from a scoop or an ice dispenser 

- Effortless sipping and wholesome flow with our soft and durable BPA-Free mouthpiece
- 90-degree turn lets you bite on the valve easily, even while you are active 
- Prevent leaking with easily accessible ON/OFF valve 

Drinking Tube 
- Convenient 37-inch tube length - Resists water temperature change during hot and cold weather due to tube insulation
- Rubber binding at each end prevents tube insulation from sliding and wearing off with time

Quick Disconnect Tube 
- No more stressing with screwing in the tube. Quickly disconnect tube from bag for easy storage. Simply click in/out to connect/disconnect.
- Quick release valve shuts off automatically to prevent leaking when tube is detached. This makes it easy to place a filled bag in a refrigerator or an icebox 

What's included:

1 * Water Bag