2 Pack 3 in 1 Electronic Ultrasonic Pest Mouse Mosquito Repeller


【New Tech & LCD】: Ultrasonic pest repeller is new technological, such as dual speakers of ultrasonic and smart chips. Bionic wave + Electromagnetic wave + ultrasonic wave, So in the hearing, smell and nerve aspects, they can make pests escape away quickly and effectively, such as bug, rodent, mice, ants, mosquitoes, spiders, cockroaches.
【4 Modes for Choice】: The mouse-repellent mode is used for mild pest infections, mosquito-repellent is used for moderate pest infections, cockroach-repellent is used for severe pest infections, and sawtooth wave is used for very severe pest infections. Cockroach and STW is suitable for driving mice, mosquitoes, rats, rodents, cockroaches, etc., but the cockroaches wave mode is harsh and suitable for use in environments where no one is.
【Plug and Play】 Just plug our ultrasonic pest repeller into a power outlet, when the blue light of the LCD is on, it means it start to work. It is recommended that the ultrasonic pest repeller be installed 30-50in from the ground for flying pests, and 10-30in from the ground for crawling pests. The ultrasonic pest repeller can cover a space of 80-120㎡.
【Human & Pets Safe】Based on the principle of physical repellent, our pest reject is harmless to humans or pets, even pregnant women and children. Our pest repellent no need to make cockroach bait, mouse glue traps, bed bugs or flea smokers. It means you don't need to clean up the remaining corpses and it has low power consumption, which can definitely achieve the effect of zeropest.
【Important Notes】Ultrasonic pest repeller DOES NOT WORK IMMEDIATELY like a chemical sprayer. Depending on the amount of pest infection, it typically may TAKE 3-4 WEEKS. At the beginning of a week, you may see the pests even increase, it is a normal situation. They are running around, they want to escape to the place covered without ultrasonic waves.


Frequency Ranges:22-45KHZ
Power source:AC 110V-250V
Area Coverage:80㎡
Color: Black,White

What's included:

1 * Electronic Ultrasonic Pest Mouse Mosquito Repeller