3 Pack Suede & Nubuck 4 Way Shoes Brush Cleaner Kit

  • PERFECT KIT FOR SUEDE AND NUBUCK: Use to clean shoes, boots, furniture and jackets. Possible to use with cleaning sprays but you’d be surprised how much this kit can accomplish on it’s own!
  • 4-WAY BRUSH: The 4 sides of the brush delivers tailored care for optimal results. Do you need gentle cleaning on rounded corners or heavy cleaning on hard to reach crevices? No problem! Our brush handles any situation with ease
  • ERASER: No suede and nubuck care kit is complete without the eraser! This little guy takes care of the extra tough marks and stains
  • EASY TO BRING ALONG: The brush is 15.5cm long and only 1.1 oz which makes it a perfect travel companion
  • Size:15.5*4.5*2.8CM

What’s included:

3 Pack Shoes Brush