3 PCS Stainless Steel Tongue Scraper Tongue Cleaner with Case



  • Advanced Tongue Cleaning Scrapers – These metal tongue scrapers helps you clean away excess buildup or impurities on the tongue to reduce plaque, protect teeth and gums, and reduce bad breath.
  • Cleaner Mouth and Fresher Breath – Using our steel tongue scrapers regularly can help you keep your mouth cleaner which is important for reducing bad breath. Use it along with brushing your teeth or before flossing.
  • Safe Stainless Steel – Our dental tools are made with high-quality stainless steel which makes them more durable, eco-friendlier, and better than other disposable items like plastic. A smart choice for those living greener lives.
  • Experience a Smooth, Gentle Clean – Each of our metal tongue scrapers are designed with smooth, rounded edges and thicker curves to ensure they won’t damage your tongue, taste buds, teeth (real or false), or sensitive gums.

Material:Stainless Steel
Dual Carved Handle Tounge Scraper Cleaner :13.2*7CM
Small Tongue Scraper :14.5*2.3CM
Big Tongue Cleaner:14.8*3.5CM

What's included:

1 * Dual Carved Handle Tounge Scraper Cleaner
1 *Small Tongue Scraper
1 *Big Tongue Cleaner
1 * Carry Case