4-Pack Baby Burp Cloths Soft Cotton Absorbent Burping Towels


Fabric: Cotton (more than 95%)

Waterproof three-layer design - This waterproof pleated fabric is made of 100% organic cotton with a fully breathable TPU waterproofing inside. Soft and skin care, it can

Perfect size and contour shape - Yoofoss baby snoring 4 piece, large and wide enough to cover the full, keeping your clothes dry and baby comfortable. In the middle of the

Ingredients: pure cotton

curve, snoring clothes can fit your neck well, not slipping easily. You can trust your baby to rest on your shoulders.

Size: 48x23cm

Perfect baby shower gift or baby registration gift - every mom can use and will like baby shower, sprinkling, birthday or Christmas gift. Experienced parents know that you will


Smudges, moisture and odors. It is breathable, comfortable and noise free.

Applicable age: children's clothing (1-3 years old), baby clothes (0-1 years old)

Function: waterproof and dirty

prevent any damage to your baby's sensitive skin.

Extra water absorption and breathability - Our snoring bib provides excellent absorbency, stopping drooling and spitting. Protect your and your child's favorite clothes from

High quality - Our stylish unisex baby crepe has a high weave density, thick and soft, and absorbs liquid quickly, keeping your baby away from pain. It also does not easily

What's included:

4-Pack Burp Cloths