4 Pack Hanging Vacuum Outerwear Storage Bag Space Saving Organizer Bags

  • SPACE-SAVING SOLUTION: Get 6 pieces of clear vacuum seal bags designed for outerwear. Bag is clearly labeled with "Outer" for Padding, Coat, Jacket, and Cardigan.
  • HIGH QUALITY CONSTRUCTION: Made from durable 60-micron plastic, it offers sturdy and durable protection for clothing. Each bag features a double zip, a convenient utility clip, main hanger, 2 cascading hanger hooks inside, and a one-way suction valve.
  • CLOTHES PROTECTION: Store your winter weather clothes collection such as padded jackets and thick cardigans without worrying about odor, insects, dirt, moisture, and mildew.
  • CLOSET ORGANIZATION: Organize your closets and cabinets with these airtight seal bags. Plus, it's an excellent solution when traveling or moving.
  • Size:
    1 Pack of 67*90CM
    1 Pack of 67*110CM
    1 Pack of 67*110CM+9CM
    1 Pack of 67*130CM+9CM

What's included:

4 Pack of Hanging Vacuum Outerwear Storage Bag

1 Pack of Pump