4 Packl Silicone Colorful Tea Bag

  • EXCELLENT DESIGN ~ Design of tea bag shape, come with many small holes on the main body, so that none of tea leaf will escape out and into the tea, work well with most types of loose tea
  • OUTSTANDING FUNCTION ~ Easy to make tea, just fill loose tea leaf into the infuser, soak it in a cup of hot water. Come with a silicone straps, easy to take the infuser out of hot water without burning your finger.
  • VARYING BRIGHT COLORS ~ Come with 4PCS as a set, varying bright colors( send random)
  • SAFE MATERIAL ~ Made of 100% food grade silicone, non-toxic, no odour and taste will leave to your tea
  • Let's enjoy our delightful tea time from now!

Silicone Colorful Tea Bag Shape Tea Infuser
This set of tea infusers come with 4PCS, varying bright colors, work perfectly for most types of loose tea leaf, easy to make tea

Main function:
* Special Tea bag design
* Small hole prevent tea leaf escape out and into tea
* Made of food grade silicone, won't leave any taste and odour to tea
* Easy to clean, dishwasher safe
* Come with a silicone straps to remove the infuser out of hot water, without burning your hand

Other Use Idea:
* for lemonade making
* for fruit water making
* for preserved fruit water making
* May not suitable for loose leaf spearmint tea 

Use & Care
Washing instruction:Wash it with warm soapy water before first use. Don't clean it with abrasive soap or scouring pad, hand-wash recommend.
Care point:
* Don't heat it directly by fire
* Don't pull and impact it violently or scratch it with sharp things
* The sudden change of temperature must not exceed 240 centigrade while being used

What's included:

4 Pack Silicone Tea Bag