5M/10M/15M/20M Deyard Misting Cooling System for Trampoline Patio Garden Greenhouse

Anti-prolapsing-Tight connection to prevent prolase. Each nozzle is stable and reliable for long time usage.

Large watering area-The mist cooling system can build mist to water your plant, which owns bigger covering area than the traditional drip irrigation way.

Cooling function-The mist cooling system can effectively reduce the environment temperature by spraying cold water mist, which also can improve the air humidity and drop air dust down, keeping air comfortable.

Four length types-There are three length types available for you to choose according to the practical situation, including 5m,10m, 15m and 20m.

Scope of application-The mist cooling system is widely suitable for garden, green house, farm, potted plant, trampoline, patio and so on.

Material: Metal + Plastic
Color: Black
Interface :EU
Hose diameter: 6MM
The diameter of the three-way interface: 6MM
Size: 5m/10m/ 15m/ 20m

What's included:
1* EU Female Wire Copper Adapter
1* 5M/15M/20M Pipe
5/10/15/20 * Low Pressure Atomized Copper Nozzle
4/9/14/19* Tee Connector
1* Straight Connector
1* Pipe Cutter