5PCS Plantar Fasciitis Kits-Plantar Fasciitis Sleeves & Massage Ball


1. 5 PCS : 2PCS Plantar Fasciitis Therapy Wrap, 2 PCS Gel Heel Sleeve and 1 PCS Foot Massage Ball.

2. Employ scientific method to treat plantar fasciitis, relieve pain from plantar fasciitis by heel sleeves, and then strengthen treatment effect through kneading pain sites by massage ball.Makes a Great Gift for your family and friends.

3. Soft gel heel sleeve can be used during normal activities or in bed while asleep to provide complete protection for your plantar fasciitis and anything uncomfortable in the area. One size fits most foot. Washable and reusable.s

4.Plantar Fasciitis therapy wrap made of comfortable breathing cloth. It can efficiently relieve pain from plantar fasciitis, bone spurs, Achilles tendonitis and more, to provide maximum protection for your heel, shock absorption and relieve pressure.

5. Massage ball touches your skin, stimulate the nerve endings, can promote blood circulation, relax nerves, enhance the flexibility of the body, improve the balance. Enjoy a unique pleasure.



What's included:(Color Random)

2PCS Plantar Fasciitis Therapy Wrap 

2 PCS Gel Heel Sleeve (Transparent or Skin)

1 PCS Foot Massage Ball.(Red or Blue)