60 Minutes Tomato Mechanical Kitchen Timer Ringing Alarm


【Kitchen Craft】 mechanical sixty minutes,wind up,count down kitchen timer,with a clearly marked dial and alarm
【Easy use and need no battery】 just wind up to 55 minutes clockwise and turn to the time you need anticlockwise
【Compact size】this Tomato cooking timer is 6.3*4.5CM;fit for any size of table-board as you need
【Widely used 】Widely used in home use,kitchen,school,GYM,medicine etc.
【Great gift】The timer will also be great gift for your friends who need time reminding.

Operating Direction: Clockwise
Time Range: 1-60 min
Operating Angle: 360 degree
Graduation:one minute for one scale

How to use:
1.Clockwise turn to place of 55 minutes
2.Anticlockwise turn to time desired
e.g. Desired time 5 minutes, you firt clockwise turn to scale with 55,then anticlockwise turn to scale with 5

What's included:

1* Kitchen Timer