750ml Eco-Friendly Silicone Folding Water Bottle Leak-Proof Outdoor Sports Bottle

  • The collapsible silicone sports bottle is made of medical grade liquid silicone material. It does not contain BPA/bisphenol A/bisphenol S. It is safe, non-toxic and odorless, and easy to clean and store.
  • The product is non-stick, durable, anti-aging, anti-drop, temperature resistant, temperature resistant -40~200°C, not easy to damage; capacity 25 oz / 750 ml, size Φ7.5×25cm, weight only 155g, very light and portable .
  • The water outlet has a unique silicone cross valve design, which can control the water flow while controlling the leakage prevention.
  • Suitable for outdoor running, outdoor riding, mountain climbing, wild barbecue, wild adventure, field training, gym, office, summer can be used for ice pillow / ice bag.
  • After opening the bottle mouth, it can be folded and stored, and the size will be 1/3 smaller; it is easy to transport and store. It can be easily put into the bag. Brilliant colors enhance your youthful vitality.


Material: Medical Liquid Silicone /Food Grade PP / Food Grade PC.

Temperature Resistance: -40~200°C.

Size: 25*7.5CM

Capacity: 25 ol/ 750 ml.

Scope of application: Warm Water, Coffee and other Drinks.

Tips:Wash with water before use and thenput it in hot water for disinfection


1 When shrinking and storing, please openthe bottle mouth switch to discharge the gas, which is easier to fold.

2Since the color resolution of each display is different, the actual color maybe deviated. This is not a quality issue with the product itself.

What's included:

1 * Silicone Bottle