8 Pack Anti Slip Rug Gripper Sticker

  • Fix your carpet and keep it in a position.
  • Always keep the four corners of the carpet flat and beautiful.
  • The thickness of 2mm makes you hardly feel any bulge.
  • It can be cleaned easily and reused.

Material: PU
Length: 18cm
Width: 3cm
Thickness: 0.2cm (2mm)
Pack Contents: 8PCS
Color: White,Black

How to Use:
1. Clean the surface properly to make sure there is no dust, oil or other impurities.
2. Peel off the white release paper and press the stickers on the four corners of the
carpet in turn.
3. Peel off the clear backing paper(on floor); press stickers firmly in place making
sure all edges contact with floor.

How to Reuse:
1. Lift corner of stickers with finger nail, wood, plastic or other non-abrasive scraper.
2. Slowly peel back stickers until removed.
3. Clean the floor side of the tape with clean water.
4. Wait for stickers to dry and paste carpet in a new location.

What's included:

8 * Rug Gripper