Abdominal Ab Roller Wheel Home Workout Equipment for Core Exercise With Mat

  • High elasticity, made of environmental PVC material.
  • Strong sturdy design for gym or home use.
  • Our robust abdominal exercise roller targets the core, back, and shoulders muscles of your body and helps you improve the strength and overall body fitness.
  • Has dual wheels for stability and non-slip handles for comfort.
  • Designed to exercise and shape the abdominal muscles.
  • Ideal for burning excess calories and shaping slim belly.

1. AB rim and handle are made of non-slip rubber, durable and strong rim and handle ensure safety first.
2. Double rims ensure that you will not swing left and right when you use it, which improves stability and guarantees your sports experience.
3. It can help you stretch and exercise the muscles of the abdomen, arms, chest, shoulders, back, and can be used to break down fat, reduce weight and shape the body, thereby obtaining six packs of abdominal muscles.

Roller Size: 23 * 15 * 12cm
Knee Pad: 24 * 16cm
Color: Red, Green, Blue
Weight: 650g

1. Make sure that the two wheels are firmly fixed during use to avoid accidents.
2. Not suitable for pregnant women, the elderly, or people with poor joint conditions.
3. If you feel any pain or physical discomfort, please stop immediately.
4. Insert the steel shaft into the round hole in the middle of the double wheel before use, and push the two handles into the steel shaft to fix the double wheel.

What's included:

1 * Abdominal Roller Wheel

1 * Knee Pad