Automatic Alcohol Disinfection Sprayer Infrared Induction Touchless Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

  • Infrared automatic motion sensor detects area within 10cm and sprays automatically. Just put your hand under the sensor to start the spray dispenser, you can effectively avoid cross infection without touching the alcohol dispenser. Suitable for home, office, hotel, etc.
  • Applicable objects: phone, keys, sunglasses, ipad and other objects; Applicable place:bathroom,office, school, kindergarten,hospital,restaurant,hotel.
  • This hand cleaner machine touchless dispenser is easy to use, just spread your hands and it can react within 0.25s.

Input:DC 5V/1A
Working Current: 500mA
Working Frequency:108KHZ
Water bottle capacity: 45ml
Standby Power Consumption:20mA
Battery capacity: 1800mA
Spray Volume:40-60mL/h
Induction Distance:≤12cm
Battery Capacity:1800mAh
Detection Distance:4.73inch
Size: 7.7 x 5.5 x 9.1 CM

Warm Tips:

Wet the sponge stick before use;
If the amount of mist is small, you can try to loosen the bottle
Please pour into 70%(or more) alcohol solution (alcohol not include), do not pour the unwater-based solution.
Please do not smoke or ignite to avoid fire,when using the sprayer.
Do not use it under strong light to avoid sunlight affecting the infrared sensor.

What's included:

  • 1*NorSway Intelligent Sensor Sprayer
  • 1*User Manual
  • 1*Type-C Cable
  • 1*Sponge Stick+2*Spring