Bread Banneton Proofing Basket Set



  • PERFECT SIZE FOR BAKING BREAD: 3 Sizes for choose.
  • WELL MADE & EXCELLENT HANDMADE:The rattan is pure natural,free from dye and chemicals,Design with confortable and convenient.Smooth surface and no splinter, don't need to worry about hurting hands.
  • EASY CLEANING AND NOT EASY TO MOLD:We using high quality and natural rattan, keep dry after clean ,not easy to mold.No wood chips.
  • AFFORDABLE :This bread proofing basket set is helpful for a baker and people who like to make fresh and healthy bread by themself.A housewife can make delicious for their little child and it will make much more funs to family.Also it's a good gift for friends

Basket Size:16X6CM,20X8CM,25X8.5CM
Basket Cloth Size:The Same as Basket
Dough Scraper:13.5X10.5X9.5CM
Bread Lame:14.8X2.2CM

-Coat/dust the basket with plenty of flour (recommend rice flour instead of wheat flour in order to prevent dough from sticking to the basket).
-After coating/dusting your basket with flour. Put your dough in the basket and let it proof and rise while the basket beautifully holds the dough together and give it its spiral pattern.
- If you don't want your dough to have the pattern of the basket great news!! the basket comes with a linen cloth cover that you can put over the basket to stop patterns from going onto the dough.
- After the dough has risen, you can proceed to transfer it from the basket to a baking product ready for the oven.

-The proofing basket doesn't need to be cleaned all the time.
-Do not use soap and loads of water when cleaning it.
-When cleaning the banneton basket don't use soap and rinse with a little water if possible water spray.
- Let basket air dry.
- The linen cloth can be put in the washing machine like any other cloth.

What's included:

1 * Bread Proofing Basket
1 * Basket Cloth
1* Dough Scraper
1 * Bread Lame