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Detangling Brush
Ends of your 4C Natural hair always knotting but you NEVER leave it out? Improper use of traditional hair brush to brush your hair everyday may contribute to hair tangling!

Detangling Brush is designed for all hair types, especially for 3A-4C (super coily & kinky) hair types. It features flexible, separated bristles which detangle hair easily without pulling and damaging hair. It is the easiest solution to end your matted, tangled hairstyles and give you back silky, shinny hair.

Is it only for 4C hair type?
No, it is suitable for ANY HAIR TYPE including curly, wavy, coily, kinky or normal hair.

Easy Detangling
 Flexible brush heads with separated bristles are specially designed for detangling curly, wavy, coily, kinky or normal hair without hair damage.

For Super Coily/ Kinky Hair
Especially ideal for  hair types 3A to 4C (Coily/kinky hair) & those with extremely tangled hair. Also suitable for any hair type.

For Wet & Dry Detangling
Suitable for both wet and dry hair. You can use it as a daily hair brush. For better haircare, use the brush when you wash your hair to remove tangles while massaging and cleaning the scalp.

Comfortable Grip
Non-slip rubber grip provides you comfortable & precise control.

Materials: ABS
Size: 25*4.6CM
Color: Pink, Mint Green,Black & White,Black
Suitable for All Hair Types

What's included:
1 x Detangling Brush