Digit Lock Key Safe Storage Box Outdoor Wall Mounted

  • Keep your personal items safe from theft and prying eyes with our sturdy and reliable combination lock. Any place you need to keep private things private and safe (such as keys, spare change, credit cards, etc) – you can rely on our sturdy combination digit lock.
  • It provides complete and reliable security. Our combination safety lock is constructed of rubber-coated heavy-duty metal making it safe and secure and easy to handle. Makes an ideal gift for the home.
  • It is essential that you read the operating instructions that come with your lock before use. It is important to understand the functioning of this safety lock before the initial operation or when you need to change combination numbers.
  • This key safe will be delivered to you without a code. Therefore, the first time you use it, you will need to select a secret code. The instructions that accompany your safety combination lock will describe how to open the key safe for the first time; how to select and save a new code. Enjoy the peace of mind that your guests can safely obtain a key!
  • Lock: 4 Digit Combination Lock
  • Type: Safes Use: Cabins, Home, Office, Outdoor, Safes
  • Suitable For: Storing Keys, Credit Cards, Money etc.
  • External Size: 11.5*9.5*4cm
  • Internal Size: 3*6.5*9cm
  • Colour: Black ,Gray, Blue, Red
  • Material: Aluminum Alloy
  • Features: Anti Theft, Compact, Durable, Weather Safe
  • Special Feature: Heavy Dutty, Easy Set Combination, Multipurpose
  • Featured Refinements: Security Box, Wall Safe Lock Type: Combination
  • Fixture Type: Surface Mounted
  • Combination Reset: Yes
Proceed As Follow To Fit The Key Safe:
  • Mark holes on the wall using the holes in the rear of the key as a template.
  • Drill the holes using the hammer Drill and Drill bit.
  • Insert wall plugs into holes if necessary.
  • Fit the key safe to the wall using the screws supplied.
To Open The Key Box:
  • Slide Shutter Door To Reveal The dials and the door release button.
  • Rotate dials to the current combination (The Combination of the key box is set at the factory to 0-0-0-0).
  • Push The Door Release Button Down.
  • Pull The Door Fully open and add or remove the keys.
  • Close the door, realign the combination dials to lock the door and conceal your combination.
  • Close The Shutter Door.
To Set Your Combination:
  • Open The Key Box, Leave Dials at Original code 0-0-0-0.
  • With The key box internal door facing you(The Reset Button Should Be Left Side), push the reset lever on the back of the door to the right and upward (From A to B).
  • Rotate dials to your desired combination – ensure the dials are properly and clearly aligned.
  • Push The Reset Lever downward and left, back to original position(From B to A), Make Sure To Check the lever is fully back in its original position and the small silver bolt on the right-hand side is flush against the side.
  • Close the door, realign the combination dials to lock the door and conceal your combination.
    Close the shutter door.
  • The combination can be changed at any time by following the procedure above.
  • Pls Don’t Rotate All dials After Setting the code, Just Rotate 1 dial to test before mounting the key safe.
  • Keep the shutter door closed to increase weather resistance.
  • We do not Recommend Use The Combination such as “A-A-A-A” Which is easy to crack.
  • It is recommended the dials are rotated weekly to keep them moving freely.
What's included:
  • 1*Key safe box
  • 1 Set*Install accessories
  • 1*User Manual
  • 1*Package Box