Ear Thermometer Filter Replacement Probe Covers Lens

  • Earmuffs have 3 major effects:
  • Protect the ear. The head of the earmuff is made of soft plastic and has elasticity to protect the child''s soft eardrum.
  • Protect the probe, the ear will be attached to the earmuff, not the probe, so when you wipe, less contact with the probe, prolong the life of the ear thermometer.
  • Safety, different people use different earmuffs to reduce cross-infection.
  • Can be used 10 times under one earmuff.
  • But the substitution suggests that changing the earmuffs and the toothbrush is a matter of personal hygiene.
  • It is recommended to buy 1-2 more boxes because the earmuffs have no shelf life.
  • This product is suitable for Braun ear thermometers. 20 sets of earmuffs, carton packaging:
  • IRT1020/IRT2020/IRT2520/IRT3020/IRT3520/IRT4020/IRT4520/Pro4000/Pro6000/6500/6020/6520 and other [Blang brand] ear thermometer models are common.
What's included:
  • 1 Box (20) * Disposable Ear Thermometer Set