Electric Heating Pad for for Back, Neck, Shoulder and Stomach

  • ELECTRIC HEATING PADS FOR FULL BODY: This electric heating pad that helps to banish pain effectively by directing a stream of heat towards the targeted body part. It's an ideal muscle relaxation that offers Moist Heat Therapy, getting you rid of sore muscles, pain, and deep-tissue recovery.
  • FAST HEATING PAIN RELIEF: The heating pad for cramps is designed with fast heating technology. While using, it automatically starts with preset high-grade temperature settings at 5/6, that you can easily switch to 3/2/1 as per your needs. Heat treatment Pad is an ideal way to relieve the pain neck shoulder, upper/lower back, stomach, abdomen, knees or legs pain, while effectively relieves fatigue and stress with penetrating comfy heat.
  • CUSTOMIZED WITH 6 TEMPERATURE SETTINGS: You can control the temperature of Electric Heating Pad with 6 customized temperature setting buttons followed by the indicator, to accommodate your comfort level. It also features 4 timer functions with the auto-shutoff range within 30 to 120 minutes, offering energy conservation and preventing burns.
  • SOFT FLANNEL & MACHINE WASHABLE: Designed with quality flannel that is comfortable to touch and offer proper heat preservation for longer. It is a portable heating pad, convenient to use for old and adults. Another important feature is machine washable (water temperature: ≤30℃) after removing the controller and power cord, maintaining hygiene against perspiration and sweating.
  • EASY TO OPERATE: Comes with an ultrasonic perforation fixation, the heating wire is tightly embedded in the heating pad providing ideal heating experience. It can fit different body parts such as the neck, back, abdomen or legs, effectively relieving fatigue and pressure. Please don't fold the heating pad to avoid a short circuit when using it.

How to Use

First connect the ultrasonic perforation fixation which helps to tightly embed the heating wire in a heating pad, providing the experience of superb heat. It can easily fit different body parts such as – the neck, back, abdomen or legs; effectively relieve fatigue & pressure.


It is strictly recommended not to fold the heating pad to avoid a short circuit when using the product. Usage of the product as per instructions will give a fruitful result and help to maintain painless fit body.

1.DO NOT use in sleeping;Do not put the heating pad under in mattress or quilt when use

2.DO NOT tuck the heating pad when use.Only cover the heating pad on you body use

3.DO NOT Sit and lie on the heating pad.Must instantly turn off the Heating pad and Unplug when overheat or charred flavor in use.


ON/OFF Push Switch

IC controller box with LED indication

6 temperature levels to adjust(40℃/45℃/48℃/52℃/56℃/60℃)

4 timer levels to adjust(30/60/90/120mins)

Hand and Machine Washable

Size: 60cm x 30cm

Cable Length: 2.1m

Power: 75W

What's included:

1 x Heat Pad