Foldable Pet Swimming Pool Dog Bathtub

  • PERFECT REFRESHMENT. This dog pool provides soothing refreshment on hot days and guaranteed fun for your four-legged friend. Dogs regulate their body temperature exclusively through their paws and by panting - they will be delighted by an additional way to cool off.
  • EASY-CARE MATERIAL. The sturdy PVC material is scratch-proof. The inner bottom surface of the pool features anti-slip coating and it ensures optimal footing.
  • SIMPLE ASSEMBLY. This foldable pet swimming pool does not require a pump and it is therefore quick to set up. When folded up, the pool does not take up much storage space.
  • QUICK TO EMPTY. Thanks to the drain plug on the side wall, the dog paddling pool can be emptied in a flash and it is easy to clean.


Material: PVC ( The closure and the bottom made of PVC with composite board inside)


S Size: 80 x 20 cm/ 32''x 8''(Dia.x H)
Square Surrounding Edge: 20 x 16 cm/ 8''x 6'' (HxW)
Single Plank: 17.5 x 14 cm/ 6.9'' x 5.5'' (HxW)
Drainage Hole: 3.2 cm/ 1.3'' (Dia.)
Diameter of 32 inches and 8 inches deep.

M Size: 120 x 30 cm/47 x 12'' (Dia.x H)
Square Surrounding Edge: 30 x 14 cm/ 12 x 5.5'' (HxW)
Single Plank: 27.5 x 12 cm/ 10.8 x 4.7'' (HxW)
Drainage Hole: 3.2 cm/ 1.3'' (Dia.)
Diameter of 47 inches and 12 inches deep.

L Size:160 x 30 cm /63 X 12'' (Dia.x H)
Water capacity:About 600L
Diameter of 63 inches and 12 inches deep.

What's included:

1x Swimming Pool
1x Manual