Garden Bugs Birds Netting Plant Tree Covers



  • Perfect Size: Size of large bugs barrier plant cover is enough size can well cover the larger plants in your garden so that the leaves, fruits and the blossoms of the plants are not eaten by the birds.
  • Durable Material: Our garden bird bug proof netting mesh cover is made of premium nylon material with ultra-dense mesh, it has good ventilation and can maintain the moisture required for plant growth. The white mesh will not affect the photosynthesis of the plant. If it is well preserved, it can be reused many times.
  • Easy to Use: The garden tree cover uses the drawstring design, you just need to spread our plant cover first and let it wrap the whole plant, then tighten the bottom drawstring/zipper, than it can work!
  • Wide Application: Not only our garden tree cover can be used to keep plants away from birds, bugs, animals eating in your daily gardening, also they can also help to avoid the frost to damage the plants both indoor and outdoor during the cold winter.

Material: Nylon
Size: 1*1.5M(with Drawstring)/1.8*1.8M(with Zipper)
Color: White

What's included:
1 * Plant Netting