Hand Controlled Mini Drone Kids UFO Flying Toys

  • ☆[Palm Sensing Interaction] Easy controlled flying toys. You just need to gently throw the drone in the air, then it can start to fly immediately. There’s no remote controller, using your hand to control its direction.
  • ☆[Automatic Avoidance Function & LED Colorful Lighting] Infrared induction device is at the bottom and around it. When encountering an obstacle at the bottom, it will rise automatically. LED lights make it shine in the night sky.Collision resistance material, The propeller of flying ball is surrounded by intensive protective barriers.
  • ☆[Absolute Safety and Environment-friendly] It has Flexible mesh barrier, made by ABS material, which is environment-friendly and resistant to crash. Protect children's eyes and skin from damage., which will not cause harm to children.
  • ☆[USB portable charging] It was quick and easy to charge and comes with a USB that can be plugged into any usb port. It is easy to use. When your friend's still waiting on some other RC Drone, your flying toy immediately gets to flying.
  • ☆[Increase The Joy Of Life] The UFO Flying Toy is the best gift for children birthday or Christmas. a great toy to get the kids active and far from the ipad/tablet and TV.



Material: ABS

How to play :
1. There's a small switch on the bottom, press the switch two seconds,
the top LED light flickering, then press switch to select green or blue light.
2. Hold the aircraft horizontally and gently throw it out to start flying.
3. Control its flying height with hand induction.
4. Control its landing or flying with hand induction.
5. The aircraft appears to be upward moving after take off,
when the aircraft automatically rotates to the height of the human body after one or two seconds,
push out to induce the aircraft and make a interaction flight.
6. To raise the height of flying machine, put your hand or other object at the bottom of the aircraft.
It induce this action and automatically ascending,
you can adjust the rising height to different levels of your needrs.
7.Grip and turns it over to stop flying,stop the flying by grabbing
the ball with your hand or flipping it over. The UFO Flying toy is so intelligent.

Warm Tips :
Please keep our flying ball full charged before first use and stop playing when it is in low battery.
PS:The drone will auto hover around on a height as tall as adult.
When you see the drone straight flies up and hits ceiling,
You have to set flight calibration for this drone. Here're the steps:
1.When the flight anomaly,it needs to be calibrated.Turn over the
bottom of the drone and then double click the power switch.
2.The indicator light of the drone begin to switch red,blue and green alternately,
that means it already under the calibrating mode.
3.Keep the drone in a balanced position,the LED light will be on after the calibration completed.

What's included:

1 * Flying Toys

1 * USB Cable