Handheld Shower Head Set, Negative Ion Three-mode Pressurized Water-saving Filter Hand Shower, Suitable for Dry Skin and Hair

  • Enjoy the beauty of the bath: the shower head has 3 modes: Rain/Massage/Jet Spray, each mode provides you with a special shower experience; the water is fine and even, making the skin feel gentle and comfortable.
  • High-pressure design: The revolutionary micro-nozzle technology makes the outlet holes smaller and denser, increasing the water flow rate and increasing the water pressure. At the same time, water saving is as high as 30%.
  • Filtration system: Polymer polyester fiber tightly filters dirty things in the water. Keep the pH of the water balanced. Helps restore healthier, smoother skin, softer, stronger hair.
  • Use ABS composite: transparent design and high-density filter, detachable, easy to clean, it is recommended to buy two, replace it, suitable for men, women, children, and pets.
  • Universal accessories: Easy to install, just screw on any standard shower hose. Easily connect to any standard shower hose.

Type: 3 Modes
Material: ABS, Stainless Steel Panel
Size: About 23 x 7.2cm
Interface: G1/2

- Rain mode, integrated mode, massage mode
- 304 stainless steel panel
- Water Saving, Switch button
- 230 holes effluent


Package Included:
1 x Shower Head


1. For your health, it is recommended to replace the filter core for 3-6 months. Please decide whether to replace it according to the actual environment.
2. Removable design - The shower has been used for a long time, and some holes will be blocked. At this time, only the stainless steel panel of the shower is needed for cleaning.
3. The water pressure is twice that of the ordinary shower. Please fix it firmly in the shower to avoid spraying to other places.

Health benefits
High-molecular polyester fiber helps to purify water and remove dirt from the water.

Laser perforation technology
Save water and increase pressure.

Easy installation
Standard quadruple interface for all international standard series hoses

3 modes: Rain/Massage/Jet.
Material: environmentally friendly ABS+PP cotton + stainless steel panel
Process: Plating

Single piece 1 (filter + water stop)
Combination 1 (Filter + Gauge)
Combination 2 (filter + nail-free seat)
Combination 3 (filter + 1.5 m hose + GRO seat)
Combination 4 (filter + 1.5 m hose + nail-free)

Single piece 2 (no filter + water stop)
Combination 5 (no filter + height gauge)
Combination 6 (no filter + nail-free seat)
Combination 7 (no filter + 1.5 m hose + GRO station)
Combination 8 (no filter + 1.5 m hose + nail-free)
PP cotton filter *4

Combination 9 (filter + 1.5 m hose)
Combination 10 (no filter + 1.5 m hose)

Note: All of the above products have a three-speed + one-button water stop function, please check carefully before buying.