Hot and Cold Gel Face Mask



  • Cold Therapy: Relaxes tired eyes, relief for fatigue & dark circles, and anti-puffiness & anti-wrinkle. Use right before bed to aid with sleeping, relaxation, and to wake up refreshed. This luxury masks uses cryotherapy to help reduce red irritation around the face and eyes.
  • Heat Therapy: Moisturizes eye skin and surrounding area, soothing and comfort, improves eye blood circulation. Use the Heat Therapy to help clear sinuses and relieve tension in between the eyes and around the temples. Experience the relaxation and stress relief that comes from wearing this warm, comfortable face mask before sleeping or during the day.
  • Faster Recovery : The PVC allows a comfortable direct-skin use and brings your boby stronger feelings of the hot or cold.Cold/hot face mask is highly recommended to speed recovery and reduce inflammation after different facial and jaw surgeries, from wisdom teeth extraction to nasal and skin bruising. Now it is being an essential beauty product.The
  • Simple to Use:Simply place the gel pack in the freezer 20-30 minutes or more until desired coldness is achieved or place in the microwave / Hot water for less than 10-15 seconds. Then apply it to your face for 15 minutes.

Size:20*20.5CM,Fits for the most person

What's included:

1 * Face Mask