Invisible Magnetic Baby Child Pet Proof Cupboard Door Drawer Safety Lock


Every parent is concerned about the safety of their baby or young child around the home. Especially knowing how prone kids are to tearing around without thought or finding their way into places that contain potentially harmful chemicals

Our magnetic locks provide the ideal child proofing solution without the hassle of any DIY or handyman costs. This is the easiest and most full-proof child safety cabinet locking system to come onto the marketplace.

  • Strong 3M adhesive - your baby locks will resist wear and tear with ease. 
  • No Fuss just turn the lock off when not needed, or when activated you can easily open the cabinet locks using a magnetic key. 
  • Aesthetically pleasing - locking system is placed inside cabinets and with no drilling or holes. Keeping your home looking beautiful 
  • Easy Install - just spend a few minutes sticking the locks onto the right places and your home is safely childproofed.
  • Versatility - the locks can be placed on almost any cabinet door or drawer that is less than 35mm thick. From your kitchen, laundry room and bathroom to the bedroom, study and lounge 
What's included:
  • 1 x 10 Locks &2 Keys Set