Knee Massager Far Infrared Hot Compress Vibration Joint Rheumatism Knee Support Brace

1 .Effect to the patients who suffer from Rheumatoid arthritis and other arthritis
2.Effect to sport injury, relieve pain in the cold or humid environment
3.Effectively protect arthrosis who stand long or in low temperature environment
4.Effectively protect arthrosis who stay long in AC room
Different design for different body part, such as knee-joint, articulation cubiti and shoulder joint
The spring and far infrared fabric material can be extend freely to meet different size.
Heating function max to 55Celsius in 10 mins
With one powerful motor inside, massage the muscle and arthrosis. Release the pain.
Inside use bamboo charcoal, release Naturally Far Infrared, good for body health.
With 4pc Jade, emit far infrared radiation which deep into the subcutaneous tissue, accelerate blood c
irculation, move the harmful substance.
Time controll of 5,10,15 mins
With 2000MA LITHIUM battery, freely move more than 2hrs.
Enjoy massage and hot physical therapy when you are working, cooking, walking or have rest.
Material: Neoprene
Functions: Physiotherapy in an acupuncture point; High frequency vibrations; Magnetic physiotherapy; Infrared hot compress
Operating voltage: 110V-240V
Input voltage: 8.4V
Power: 12W
Charging time: 3-4 hours
Working time: about 120 minutes
Heat therapy temperature: 45-65 ° C
Appropriate people: For people with knee, elbow, shoulder, leg, shoulder and neck pain.
Instructions use
1 .Connect the DC adapter for 2 hours till the light on the adapter become green.
2.Press the Massa button one time to turn on the vibration function, twice to stop.
3.Press the Heater button one time to turn on the heating function, twice to stop.
4.Press the Time button, the auto time become in 15mins, twice for 10mins, third time for 5mins.
5.Normally batteries can keep used 2 hours, when the device can not working after press button, you s
hould recharge this device.
What's included:
1 PCS Knee Support Brace Hot Massage