Labor Saving Arm Handheld Jack Tool Tile Lifter



  • Innovative Design: An innovative universal tool for lifting, pressing, precise fastening and control. The anti-decoupling design prevents slippage by restricting the plate.
  • Widely Used:The installation of doors, windows and cabinets are obvious uses, but the construction of floors and porches, decks and frames are also great opportunities to use this ingenious tool. The Labor-saving arm has the unique structure, all of these and more can be done easily with controlled accuracy.
  • High Quality: It’s made of rugged structure, highest quality components. With a lifting capacity of up to 120 kg, the range of applications is virtually unlimited.
  • Multi Function: Wall Tile Leveler Device, the height can be easily adjusted by holding the handle. Durable, strong elasticity and large bearing capacity. The thicker supports are more load-bearing. Small size, light weight, Tile Leveling System easy to carry.

Material:Stainless Steel
Product Size:18x8x6cm
Capacity: up to 120 kg / 330 lb
Operation range mm : 5-105mm
Standard base mm : 5 x 105 x 87

What's included
1x Labor-saving Arm