Metal Pocket Army Style Compass

  • 1) Rugged metal case; 2) Adjustable luminous marching line; 3) Thumb hold and magnifying viewer; 4) Sighting hairline ; 5) Ideal for locating positions on a map or in the field; 6) Floating luminous dial; 7) Excellent for hiking, camping and outdoor activities
  • Instructions for compass: Taking a Compass Bearing: Step1: Open the lensatic compass so that the cover is at a 90 degree angle and the lens bracket is at a 30 degree angle to the case. Check to make sure the dial is floating freely.
  • Step 2: Insert your thumb into the thumb loop. Step 3: IHold the lensatic compass so it is resting on your thumb and bent index finger. Step 4: IRaise the compass to eye level. Step 5: ILine up a distant object with the sight wire and the center of the sighting groove in the lens bracket. Step 6: IRead the course bearing (azimuth) while keeping your head and compass still. There are two sets of numbers; degrees are in red and mils are in black.
  • Set a Course: Step 1: Open the lensatic compass completely. Step 2: Place the compass on a level map with the azimuth directly under the index line. If you want to follow a 90 degree bearing, put the 90 degree mark under the index line.
  • Step 3: Hold the compass in this position and rotate the bezel until the luminous indicator is over the north "N" arrow. The course is now set. To check your course, open the compass and line up the luminous indicator with the "N" arrow. Do not move the bezel.


Material: aluminum alloy
Color: Army Green
Size: 7.8cm*2.3cm*5.8cm
Weight: 0.05kg

What's included

1X Military Style Compass