Mini Microcurrent Face Lift Device Reducing Wrinkles Anti-Aging Facial Toning Beauty Skin Care Machine

  • This beauty device doesn't vibrate.It produces microcurrent to relieve wrinkles, reduces edema, tightens skin,relieve black eyes and clear dirt and oil of makeup.
  • Closely fit design makes it easy to hold and use.It only takes few minutes to improve your skin condition any time anytime, anywhere.
  • Excellent Electrotherapy apparatus for anti acne treatment and tightening slack skin, totally painless.
  • It will brighten up your skin and keep you looking young and vibrant.
  • Strenghthen skin anti-aging, reduce wrinkle and fine line and improve the skin vitality and tighten skin.


- Color: White,Pink
- Material: Plastic and Metal
- Size: Approx. 10.6x6.5x3.8cm
- Charging Interface: USB
- Working Voltage: 2.4V
- Power: 0.15W

1: Reduce skin and fine wrinkles
2: Supplementary skin moisture to the skin, making the skin more smooth
3: Reduce puffiness and swelling
4: Firming, drooping skin reduction
5: Fhrink pores
6: Reduce blackheads and acne
7: Reduce scar and Depression
8: Fade dark circles and bags under the eyes
9: Chloasma reduce eczema and rosacea
What's included:
1 x Facial Massager
1 x Charging Cable