Mini Plug-in Negative ion Air Purifier Fresher




  • The working principle of negative ions is to drive the negative ion module to work and release negative ions. The test release at 5cm is 20 million per second.
  • Negative oxygen ions can absorb positively charged dust particles in the air, allowing dust and negative ions to undergo a sedimentation reaction. Therefore, due to the sedimentation reaction of dust in the air, there is no more dust that can block the odor. Therefore, the odor molecules will It floats higher, therefore, our nasal cavity cannot smell the odor, so the negative ions have such a function of removing odor. 
  • The best use space for negative ions is the size of the bathroom and kitchen. In fact, large areas of living room can also be used, but the purification efficiency will be slower, and the issue of airflow needs to be considered. If the doors and windows are opened, and the negative ions are in contact with the gas that needs to be decomposed Two different corners cannot be combined together, nor can they achieve better results. So the smaller the space, the better the effect.


Rated Voltage: 220V

Rated power: 2W

Size:As picture shows

What's included:

1 * Air Purifier