Mini Portable Electric Heater Quiet Desktop Heating Fan

  • ●Desktop heater, fast heat is not hot, multiple security protection, quiet low power consumption
  • ●Intelligent temperature control and long-term power saving, when the temperature reaches 120 °C, the heating will stop. When the temperature in the fuselage drops to 90 °C, the heating will be automatically restarted. When the temperature exceeds 120 °C, the power will be automatically turned off.
  • ●3 seconds of fast heat, fast heating
  • ●The whole machine shell is made of flame retardant and fireproof grade material with high safety factor. The heating body bracket is separated from the outer casing to make it more durable and safer. It has a self-controlled constant temperature heating, environmental protection and energy saving.
  • ●This mini heater is ideal for home, office, dormitory, low power, no space

Heater series provides concentrated personal heat that's ideal for your desktop or by your favorite easy chair.
Rated frequency: 50Hz
Product size: 207mm × 115mm
Rated voltage:220V
Rated power:400W

What's included:
1 x Mini Heater