Multi-function Transparent Double-sided Adhesive Washable Reusable Sticker Tape

Name: Seamless double-sided tape
Material: Textured paper
Dimensions: Single layer thickness 2mm, width 30mm, length 1M/3M/5M
Color: Transparent
Applicable temperature: -25 to 120 degrees Celsius

1, the color is transparent, simple and generous;
2, no trace paste, strong adhesion, double-sided sticky, repeated paste, environmentally friendly and non-toxic;
3, a wide range of uses: can be used for car car decoration,home finishing, office clean, etc.
4, High viscosity, casual cutting, can be posted everywhere

1. There should be no dirt, water, oil, wax or other dirt on the surface of the adherent object to avoid affecting the paste effect;
2, do not approach the use of high temperature resistant environment;
3, do not hang fragile and vulnerable items and dangerous goods;
4. If the viscosity of the sticky dust is reduced, it can be used after being washed with water and dried.
5, it is recommended to use after 24 hours of installation, the effect is better, and do not overweight.

What's included:
1 Roll of Tape