Multifunction Mobile Game Controller Handle with Cooling

  • Six-finger cooling game controller.
  • Left hand presses movement, right hand Left shot lens It is recommended to use 4.7-6.5 inches mobile phone Presses blow, feel better, more flexible operation
  • Supported games, but not limited to: Survivor rules Royale Knife PUBG Mobile Knife Important actions.
  • More durability and comfort, Enjoy high-quality, comfort.

Material: ABS + Metal
Product Size: 160*119*42MM

The rear trigger feel, high-end play with six fingers at the same time, custom match, a variety of fancy gameplay, please start your performance.
Reversible key design, the key can be flipped 180° without blocking your screen.
The thermal version is super windy, fast cooling, and the game is not stuck.
4,500 rotations per minute and continuous cooling for 300 minutes.
Capacitor conductive silica gel, super sensitive, pure physical compression, the gun will not go off fire.
The key position is designed reasonably, and the operation is smooth without blocking the view of the map.
The left and right opening design will not affect your charging, while playing and playing, the game can't stop.
The handle feels comfortable to upgrade, and it doesn't take long to play.
The rear foldable buckle turns into a mobile phone holder instantly, and two adjustable brackets are available for watching movies at any time.

What's included:

1 * Game Controller 

1 *  Manual