Oil Absorbing Face Roller Silicone Finger Nose Brush Set



  • Instantly absorbs excess oil on the skin, keep the skin clean anytime
  • Natural volcanic stone, the minerals can help to promote skin cell metabolism
  • 360-degree rolling massage, to promoting the face blood circulation
  • Re-usable and easy to wash,Small and easy to take on-the-go
  • Nose brush is a good tool for cleaning, exfoliating and massaging. It cleans and exfoliates, opens pores, and gently removes impurities and dead skin. It is especially suitable for cleaning dirt on the nose.
  • Good cleaning effect, made of silicone materials, super soft and does not hurt the skin, giving you a comfortable feeling.
  • EASY TO USE: Wet your face with water, apply a cleanser, remove the cleanser and massage the area for 1-2 minutes.

Face Roller
Material: Natural Mineral Volcanic Stone
Size: 3X3X8.4cm

Nose Brush
Size: 10.5X2.5X1.5cm

What's included:
1 * Face Roller
1 * Nose Brush