Patio Umbrella Outdoor Table Bug Mosquito Netting Canopy

  • Strong, thin mesh that adjusts to fit umbrellas up to 2.3M. keep pests and mosqutos away while you safely enjoy inside. (Note that the umbrella, stand, table, and chairs shown in the pictures are not included with the net.)
  • Netting is Black. Adjustable enclosure and Lightweight. When not in use, the netting folds up to a compact size for convenient storage.; also doesn't obstruct your view of outdoor scenery. Stylist outdoor mosquito net.
  • Mesh covering is high-quality 100% polyester with a 75D mono filament thickness. It is dense enough to keep the bugs out while thin enough to preserve your view. A drawstring at the top of the mesh adjusts the sizing to fit umbrellas up to 2.5M and 2.75M in diameter.
  • The net can easily set over the patio umbrellas. Once in use, fill the tubes along the base with water to help keep the screen in place. The adjustable top cinch closure provides a flexible fit.
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  • EASY ENTRANCE: Designed with a zipper to allow for easy access and ensure the screen is 100% secure; also doesn't obstruct your view of outdoor scenery

What's included:

1 * Umbrella Mosquito Netting