Portable Electric Cervical Neck Shoulder Massage

  • ☻SIX ARTIFICIAL MASSAGES-Two operating modes (automatic mode and manual mode) and six kinds of simulated artificial massage methods to easily deal with cervical problems and bring you comfortable feeling.
  • ☻MULTI-DIRECTIONAL MASSAGE-This neck massager can deeply massage from the front, back, left or right of your neck and shoulder to relieve your fatigue and soreness. Applicable to different needs of degree.
  • ☻ERGONOMIC DESIGN-Bring you an comfortable massage experience with the excellent ergonomic design, you can fitted with the hand-held hang rope if you want to paste the device's surface closer to the skin. Perfect for office,vehicle and home.
  • ☻EASY TO CARRY-Small size and Light weight design,easy to carry and operate, you can start your massage everywhere.
  • ☻WARNING-If you have one of the following conditions, please stop using this neck massager. Any acute disease like heart disease, abnormal blood pressure, unconsciousness, pregnant, and any condition requiring the active supervision of a physician.


1 the circulation magnetic effect is built with a healthy magnet, which is applied to the important acupoints of the neck, which can be quickly heated and suitable for the human body.
2 all-round massage, front and rear, left and right direction, free floating, all-round depth neck massage.
3 electric pulse massage, built-in 2 pieces of electric pulse patch, simulate a variety of massage techniques, relax the local muscles.
4 vibration massage, rhythmic movement of the same frequency, first weak, strong, step by step. Moderate intensity meets different age and population needs.
5 simulated acupuncture, massage, imitation of life acupuncture, massage on the cervical spine, through the stimulation of acupuncture points to clear the meridians.

6 different massage modes: 2 Physical electrode pieces, under constant temperature and thermal function, 6 different massage modes, cycle work: push, take, shock, hammer, needle, tie

Product Specification:
Rated power: 2W
Rated voltage: 5V 0.4A
Recommended length: 10-30 minutes
Product size: 14.5x10cm
Net weight: 100g
Rated working time: 10-15 minutes


When starting to use, it is recommended to gradually add from the beginning of weak adjustment, and it will have a slight tingling feeling, which is normal. The onset of muscle acid swelling after the beginning of use is a normal phenomenon.

What's included:

1 * Electric Neck Shoulder Massage