Pull Push Up Bars Press Stand Arm Chest Exercise Fitness Gym Foam Handles

  • Material: High-strength solid PP frame, high-quality PVC non-slip soft rubber sleeve
  • Size: 20.5x12x15cm
  • Putter Weight: 1.3 pounds
  • Load: 441 lbs / 200 kg
  • Scope of application: outdoor, home
  • Color: black blue, black orange
  • Lightweight and easy to operate: Each putter is 9 inches long by 5.7 inches wide by 5.3 inches high and weighs 1.3 pounds each. Easy to store or store for push-ups due to its light weight
  • Durable and non-slip: Made of high quality polypropylene, the putter is strong enough to withstand any weight. The main structural material of polypropylene is very durable. The push-up handle uses non-slip rubber, so it''s soft and the user can hold it comfortably. 4-foot push-ups wrapped in a protective rubber layer to stand firmly
  • Upper body exercise: By using the upper putter, you can effectively exercise your upper body. Holding the push-up grips at different angles can help you with your upper body exercise, allowing you to build muscles easily and effectively
  • Muscle training: Using push-ups can help muscle training. Push-ups push-ups work out your chest, shoulders, triceps and back muscles. Suitable for men or women doing push-ups or muscle building
What's included:
  • 1 * 2 Putters